Sári Ember

Em casa (Galerie Klubovna)


Brno, Czech Republic
curator: Anna Juhász


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Sári Ember often deals with the personal past, the past of communities and the situation of the individual in these communities. Through her still life-like pictures of people and objects she grasps the complex identity of those who are on the move, and examines the notion of home, belonging, and heritage reflected in the ever changing setting of our everyday life. She is attracted to fragile systems and constellations, balancing on the boarders of ephemeral and dateless. Sári spent the last two years in São Paulo, staying as a guest in the house of her parent’s friend Alinka, a Hungarian immigrant of 1956. She had the unique opportunity to take part in the life of a house – which is not her natural home – for such a long time, and observe it from inside. In her series Em casa („At home”, meaning at the same time „In the house” – in portuguese) she captured the inner life of the house by portraying its components. This ink-drawn inventory of the Hungarian-Brazilian home evokes family memories and reveals the added value of apparently worthless things, posing the question: what was passed down to us, and what is going to remain after we are gone.