Sári Ember

All is disappearing / Ludwig Museum

installation at the group show of Esterházy award
Ludwig Museum, Budapest
15.12.2023 – 03.03.2024

In my previous projects I tried to capture my relation to death and grief through individual and collective narratives, and the longing for leaving a reminder of us behind in personal and in historical scale. In this exhibition I capsuled a vivid, all consuming feeling of fear of death in a life changing moment. After my child was born, besides the enormous joy I experienced fears I never did before. What if I die? Someone is depending on me. What if my child dies? I’m not less dependent on her. And I also mourned my past life, and my alternate futures. In the exhibition I aimed to present my thoughts and emotions, but clearing out the background and appearance of myself to feel my connectedness in an all human experience of grief.

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